Christine and Jeffrey Nowmos
Music for Any Occasion


Christine and Jeffrey Nowmos - Music for Any Occasion
121 East Millbrooke Avenue
Woodstown, NJ 09098
(856) 769-1569

Please feel free to contact us for more information or if you are interested in booking us for your event. The following information will help us answer any questions you may have and will make things easier for us to make up a contract for you if and when you choose to book. Thank you for your interest - we're looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully providing your event's music!

Contact Form--please include as much information as you wish to share.

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Instrumental/vocal combinations that interest you
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Solo guitar
Solo piano/keyboard
Solo flute
Female vocalist
Flute and guitar duo
Piano and guitar duo
Flute and piano duo
Voice and guitar duo
Voice and piano duo
Guitar and saxophone duo
Piano and saxophone duo
Guitar and bass duo
Piano and bass duo
Guitar and violin duo
Guitar and drums duo
Piano and violin duo
Guitar, flute, and violin trio
Jazz trio (choose from guitar, piano, bass, drums, voice, sax)
Jazz quartet (choose from guitar, piano, bass, drums, voice,sax)
Other combination not listed:

Style(s) of music that interest you
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Traditional wedding/sacred



Rock and roll


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Christine and Jeffrey Nowmos - Music for Any Occasion
121 East Milbrooke Avenue
Woodstown, NJ 08098
Phone: (856) 769-1569

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