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Booking Policies

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When you're ready to book, please contact us at (856) 769-1569 or and we will make up an individualized contract for your event.  We need the following information to make up a contract:

  • Name of contact person and/or person who will be paying for music
  • Mailing address
  • Date of event
  • Start time of event (for ceremony, indicate what time you'd like prelude music to start as well as ceremony start time)
  • Location of event (city/state and possibly specific venue if you know it)
  • Number of musicians (and instrumental/vocal combination - optional)
  • Type of event (wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, ceremony/cocktail package, reception, party, dinner, etc.)
    • For receptions, parties, etc. the number of hours you would like music to be played
    • For wedding ceremonies, the price includes up to 1/2 hour of music prior to the start of the ceremony, plus all music needed during the ceremony
  • Any special situations regarding location - outdoors, electrical outlets available, piano on site, etc.

We will e-mail you a pdf of your contract signed by us.  If the contract is satisfactory (please let us know if there are any mistakes so we can correct them), you will print, sign, and mail one copy back to us with a $50 deposit which will reserve your date. You can also choose to scan and e-mail your signed contract back to us if that's more convenient.  Please also print a copy for your records.  Also, if you prefer, we can send you 2 copies of the contract through snail mail; you would sign and return one with your deposit.  We accept personal check or money order through snail mail, or you may pay your deposit online through Paypal (see below).  The remainder of the balance will be due on or before the day of the event.  Please visit our Rates page for specific pricing information, or we can e-mail or call you with a quote including travel and other expenses. 


For the deposit, we accept personal check or money order through snail mail.   You may also pay your $50 deposit via Paypal by clicking the button below.  Please indicate your name, date, and location of event in the Message box when paying so we know who the payment came from!

Click button to pay $50 music deposit:

We require final payment no later than the date of performance. If possible, you may want to mail the balance a week in advance so that we do not need to bother you for payment during your special event, when you will probably be very busy and enjoying yourself!  However, you are also welcome to give us the balance at the conclusion of our performance if that is more convenient for you (please provide payment within 15 minutes of the end of the performance).  We accept check, money order, or cash (please do not send cash in the mail!). Our mailing address is 121 East Millbrooke Avenue, Woodstown, NJ 08098.  Checks should be made out to "Christine and Jeffrey Nowmos."  You can also pay your balance through PayPal by clicking below. You will need to enter the amout you owe; this will be indicated on your contract, or we can e-mail the information to you. 

Click button to pay balance (please enter balance in 'Item Price' box, then click 'Update'):

Cancellation policy:

In the unfortunate event that a booking must be cancelled by you, we will refund any payments including the deposit amount up to 60 days prior to the date of the engagement. After that point, the deposit amount is not refundable. Events cancelled within one week of the engagement will still require payment of the full balance, as we may have had to forego other booking opportunities on your event date.  If there is an emergency situation which requires cancellation of the event (death in family, etc.), we may waive the balance on a case-by-case basis.  If a contracted musician is ill or otherwise cannot play, we will employ a highly competent substitute from our preferred roster.

Other information:

  • We require one armless chair per musician.
  • For parties/receptions, we require one 10-minute break per hour of service.  If we are playing for both your wedding ceremony and cocktail hour, we may take a 5-10 minute break in between to allow for set-up of equipment. 
  • We need adequate shelter if the event is to be held outdoors. We cannot play in rain, as water can damage instruments and electronic equipment. Most wedding venues and event rental services can provide a canopy or umbrella. Also, please keep electronic equipment in mind when you are choosing instrumentation for unique locations such as the beach... an electric keyboard is probably not the best option for the beach as blowing sand can also damage it, and if there is no outlet available it won't even work!
  • We can provide an electric keyboard if there is not a piano on site.  However, our keyboard requires an electrical source to work, so we'll need access to a working electrical outlet within 25 feet, or you may arrange for a longer extension cord to be provided if there is no electrical outlet within 25 feet.
  • We will provide suitable amplification for ourselves if necessary. A battery-powered amplifier can be provided for guitar, flute, or saxophone for outdoor venues without electricity (such as the beach or a park).
  • We can provide a microphone for speakers during a wedding ceremony or announcements during a reception or party. However, we do not have a cordless microphone and the microphone will need to be wired into our amplification system, so anyone using the mic will need to stand near the musicians to speak.
  • Please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions or concerns!

Christine and Jeffrey Nowmos - Music for Any Occasion
121 East Millbrooke Avenue
Woodstown, NJ 08098
Phone: (856) 769-1569

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